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DC Fast Charging

Charging Software

Hardware-independent OCPP Software to support your DC fast charging network

Maintain Your Network of Fast Chargers

Exploren is the most comprehensive software to manage your DC charging assets whether it is a fleet or public charging application

Additional Revenue

Implementation of charging stations can potentially provide an additional stream of revenue

Load Management

Maximise your existing infrastructure with load management

Attract customers

EV drivers choose sites with EV chargers over sites without every time.

7 day Support

Ensure that your team and drivers always feel supported with Exploren’s 7-day support phoneline

Set your own Tariffs and Billing

As the world goes electric, shopping malls, restaurants, and community centres will become the refuelling stations of the future. Exploren unlocks your EV charger and allows you to support your customers your way.


DC chargers are complex and require dedicated support to ensure that they remain fully operational. Exploren provides 7 day support to our partners and their drivers to ensure that they always have someone to call if they encounter any problems. Exploren also has an active email address monitored 7 days a week. Exploren captures error logs for all chargers on the network to help our team diagnose any charger faults you encounter and get your chargers back online in the shortest time possible.

Revenue Generation and Financial Tracking

Exploren’s comprehensive features include financial tracking and reporting, allowing businesses to effectively manage the revenue generated from public EV chargers. This additional income stream can contribute to the overall financial health of your business.

Keep Cars On The Road For Longer

Exploren helps to ensure that you are achieving maximum utilisation of your charging resources. The Exploren dashboard gives you real time session information letting you see how much charging has occurred in real time. This helps you plan ahead to keep your charging resources available when your fleet needs them.

Load Management

Exploren has inbuilt load management capabilities allowing you to effectively take advantage of your electric infrastructure. Load management will split your available power across active charge points uprating and downrating the charging speed based on your available power. This ensures that you are maximising your available power while protecting existing infrastructure.

The Best EV Software For DC Charging

The Exploren platform works with any OCPP-compliant EV charger


Exploren has an inbuilt reporting suite allowing you to easily see energy usage and charging session statistics

User Management

Provides the ability to group users into different categories- set specified tariffs for users on your charging network.

Site Management

The head operating body of a business can oversee all their sites while retaining privacy between the sites.


Choose your billing rate. Make profit… or just cover the cost of energy.

Billing Service

Tariff management is included in Exploren to allow for this split within your network of chargers as well as accurate revenue calculations, corporate billing and settlement reports for a best practice solution. Track your charging ROI professionally with Exploren. Open up your charging stations to external users to grow the adoption of clean energy transport and ensuring your infrastructure investment is paid back faster, while retaining control over usage and billing.

Load Management Infographics

Exploren in Action

Exploren has worked with commercial and government partners across Australia to support and make the move to electric transport as simple and easy as possible. You will always have access to the live dashboard with real-time data on your charging network. rnrnWatch Exploren in action for Camden Council (NSW) with our partner EVSE.

Working with world-class partners

Our platform is compatible and easily configurable with charge point stations from 40+ manufacturers

Electrify now

Contact Exploren to find out how to integrate Exploren into your site today. We will guide you through the process and provide support.

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