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Exploren’s pricing model is structured across three tiers to cater to diverse charging scenarios. Each tier builds upon the features of the previous tier, providing a scalable and versatile solution for diverse charging needs.


Exploren has been developed with multiple features to greatly benefit fleet managers and drivers. We have listed just some of the extensive capabilities of Exploren’s advanced software.

Site Management

Oversee multiple sites through one account.

Data Collecting

Understand your network completely providing key information for operational decisions.

Corporate Billing

Get access to monthly revenue and expense summary for the fleet

Custom Branding

Add your logo to display and leverage your branding on the Exploren app.

Tier 1


In Tier 1, designed for home use, Exploren provides essential functionalities such as remote monitoring and management, comprehensive data collection, and a user-friendly report generator. The Exploren app, coupled with RFID card authentication, ensues secure and convenient access, while admin account management allows for personalised control.

Property Developers

Tier 2

Apartments and Fleets

In Tier 2, Exploren enhances its offerings with multiple charger management, user authentication, and the flexibility to adjust charging speeds based on the time of day. Tier 2 support channels via phone and email are established, alongside features like location-specific working hours, user access groups, charger fault notifications, and in-built dynamic load management for efficient power distribution.

Tier 3


Tier 3, designed for the public, incorporates advanced features from Tier 2 while introducing automatic public billing and reimbursement systems. The inclusion of tiered tariffs based on user groups, post-paid subscription options, API access tokens, and settlement reports adds a layer of sophistication for comprehensive public charging infrastructure management. Tier 3 support is elevated, and site synchronisation with platforms like PlugShare ensures seamless integration into wider EV charging networks.

Custom Branding

Promote and take pride in your company’s market presence, product or service range and values with a white-label mobile app solution, web interface and backend platform. Ensure consistency of your brand when viewed by new starters, executives, and management through our flexible platform. Your brand, your style, your chargepoint. Customise your charging sites to include your own personal branding to further leverage your business’ identity.

Load Management Infographics

Plug into a better future

Exploren ensures your charging stations are in good hands. Our dashboard will notify you of any faults while also ensuring flawless operation, 24/7 monitoring, remote maintenance, and update implementation. A ping to each unit to ensure it is working well is possible every 2 minutes. Decrease downtime, maintenance costs and EV user frustration with remote management and alerts if a rare error were to occur. With an internet connection and login, you can manage your chargers, charging sessions, unlock cables, set profiles, and confirm the charging speed as well as duration as well.rnrn

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Working with world-class partners

Our platform is compatible and easily configurable with charge point stations from 40+ manufactueres

Electrify your fleet now

Exploren is the next generation of OCPP charging management software for EV chargers in Australia and New Zealand

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