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Track, manage and bill users across the network on one platform.

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Future-Proofing Apartments for EV Adoption

With the anticipation of EV adoption doubling in the next five years, Exploren’s management platform ensures that apartment buildings are well prepared for this transition. By integrating EV chargers with Exploren, apartments can confidently support the electrification of vehicles, catering to the changing needs of residents and complying with evolving sustainability standards.

Customised Load Management

Exploren offers custom load management applications tailored to the specific energy supply and demand patterns of apartment buildings. This customisation ensures that the EV charging infrastructure integrates seamlessly with the existing energy infrastructure of the apartments, preventing unnecessary strain on the building’s electrical systems.


The Exploren App is designed to be user-friendly, enabling residents to easily locate and use the EV charging stations within the apartment premises. This convenience encourages more residents to adopt electric vehicles, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly living environment.

Features for Apartments

The diverse capabilities of the Exploren management platform will ensure your building is ready for the electrification in Australia.

Data Collecting

Make informed decisions to optimise the size, efficiency and energy usage of your chargers through data collecting.

EV Charger Management

Live updates and notifications from your EV chargers leading to increased uptime across the network.


Choose the cost of charging per kW/h for users. Offset energy used or increase costs for additional revenue.

At-a-glance reporting

Quick access to all the reporting you need- energy consumption, user behaviour, revenue, compare data etc.

Exploren’s role in apartments

In ABC New’s case study, Exploren was used in apartments in order to help residents have access to their own EV charger. Equipped with a load management system, this investment enhances the quality of life for residents and future-proofs the apartment.

OCPP software ev charging management fleet

Charging for Apartments

Exploren has a solution for every building… no matter if you are a developer, body corporate or commercial residential manager.

  • Local Support

  • Operational Management

  • Open Source APIs

  • Australian Hosted and Owned

Load Management Infographics

Exploren in Apartment blocks

Our solution for charging infrastructure software and billing management for residential buildings are a great way to stay on top of the growing demand for EV charging solutions and meet the needs of your tenants as EV charging becomes a necessity rather than a benefit.

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Working with world-class partners

Our platform is compatible and easily configurable with charge point stations from 40+ manufacturers

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