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With Exploren’s 360 charging solution it has never been easier to combine fleet and home charging under one software

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How to make EV charging easier for a fleet operator.

One of the biggest challenges for a fleet manager operating electric vehicles is easily tracking a vehicle’s consumption and use. This comes about from electric vehicles having the ability to plug in just about anywhere, from a domestic power point to a rapid DC charger.

7 Day Support

Full access for drivers and operators to our 365 day support line.

Reporting Capabilities

Full reporting capabilities to see how your fleet is being charged on site and at home

Driver Reimbursement

Simple and clear employee reimbursements to enable your team to charge at home

Charger Agnostic

Give your team the ability to choose with Exploren’s fully software agnostic OCPP software solution

Exploren OCPP ev charging software

Easy to use software

Our Exploren app is designed to be as easy to use as possible while providing all the information you need at your fingertips. With full RFID compatibility utilising an Exploren charger can be as convenient as tapping a card.

Home and Fleet Solution

Exploren’s comprehensive features make it ideal for providing a full fleet and residential 360 degree charging solution. Fleet managers have access to Exploren’s powerful reporting tools allowing them to track charger usage both at the workplace at home. This allows employers to reimburse employees for home charging giving them the convenience of being able to recharge at home while saving employers significantly compared to a traditional fuel card.

Promotion of Sustainable Practices

Exploren supports businesses in promoting sustainable practices by facilitating the growth of electric vehicle infrastructure. This aligns with the broader environmental goals of many businesses and contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions in the community. Thus, stakeholders are likely to view ethically sustainable enterprises as forward-thinking and environmentally conscious.

Scalability and Future-Proofing

Exploren is designed to adapt to the evolving landscape of EV technology. By using this platform, fleets and businesses can future-proof their charging infrastructure, ensuring that it remains relevant and effective as EV technology continues to advance.

The best EV software for commercial sites

The Exploren platform includes a range of powerful features which make it ideal for use in a commercial environment

Load Management

Exploren has a fully inbuilt software based load management capabilities enabling you to install more chargers without expensive infrastructure upgrades

User Management

Provides the ability to group users into different categories- set specified tariffs for users on your charging network.

Site Management

The head operating body of a business can oversee all their sites while retaining privacy between the sites.

Home Management

Residents are able to use Exploren to access their chargers giving them useful diagnostic information as well as access to powerful reporting tools

Charge 360

The ability to replicate the petrol car experience is fundamental in providing fleet managers the confidence to take those first steps to electrify their fleet.Exploren aims to solve this problem with our Charge 360 solution which for the first time, allows fleet managers the ability to track vehicles’ electricity consumption even when they go home. The solution is hardware agnostic meaning it works on any OCPP charger.

Load Management Infographics

Exploren in Action

The Exploren Software Platform has been specifically designed for fleet managers. Using the Exploren software, fleet managers can now track home, workplace and public charging stations and link them back to individual drivers to allow for full tracking and reimbursement of a driver’s electricity usage. An intuitive dashboard provides a thorough overview on the status of your network of charging assets, with the ability to generate detailed reports at the click of a button.

Working with world-class partners

Our platform is compatible and easily configurable with charge point stations from 40+ manufacturers

Electrify now

Contact Exploren to find out how to integrate Exploren into your site today. We will guide you through the process and provide support.

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