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With over 3000 ports Exploren is the leading next generation of OCPP charging management software for EV chargers in Australia and New Zealand

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Who we have worked with

Our software is used by a variety of brands to effectively manage their charging infrastructure

Exploren EV Charging and Load Management Platform

Exploren provides an all-inclusive software platform for businesses ready to start their electric vehicle fleets, with EV charging needs.

Charge Point Operations

All EV charging functions equipped as standard including load management

Payment and Billings

Intelligent billing applications allow operators to bill users for energy usage and/or time occupying the Charge Point

Smart Energy Management

Custom load management applications specifically for your location and energy supply


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Working with world-class brands

Our platform is compatible and easily configurable with chargepoint stations from 40+ manufactures. Supports all OCPP-compliant charge points.

Operational Management

Full visibility and awareness of your EV charging network. Make the most of your chargers reporting abilities and take it a step further.

  • Charger status

  • Charger communications

  • Hardware Status

  • Clock Aligned Consumption

  • Idle Period detection

  • Live Charging Session Recording

  • Fault Notification E-mails

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Australian Hosted & Owned

All our data is captured and held locally in Australia for your peace of mind. AWS is a well known, reliable host that ensures the highest levels of security and uptime. With speed, scalability, data security and backups, you can be confident that your charging network will always be at your desk.

  • AWS Australia Hosted

  • Burly Data Security

  • Speed and Scalability

  • 99.99% uptime

  • Backup and Redundancy

Exploren EV charging management OCPP

Support Hotline and Services

We provide an included experienced support team during business hours for EV drivers should they have any questions or issues about using your chargers.

  • Account Setup

  • RFID Card Linking

  • Tariff Customisation

  • End User Training

  • 7-Day Support

  • Remote Troubleshooting

  • Automatic Plugshare Synchronization

  • Automatic Google Synchronization

Exploren Feature Overview

Watch a quick video to understand Exploren… Exploren is a software suite that gives partners a complete management tool to run EV charging operations. By using Exploren, partners gain the ability to: manage and monitor your EV charging network via the online platform or mobile app, accept payments, get real-time historical reports.

How to use the Exploren dashboard

Our Exploren Tutorial series help you to understand how to use the dashboard, to manage and control your EV chargers efficiently and to make the most from every charger, every time.