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Be prepared for the EV revolution with future proof infrastructure.

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Features for your Dealership

The diverse capabilities of the Exploren management platform will ensure your EV cars are always ready for a test drive.

Data Collecting

Make informed decisions to optimise the size, efficiency and energy usage of your chargers through data collecting.

EV Charger Management

Live updates and notifications from your EV chargers leading to increased uptime across the network.

Site Management

The head operating body of a business can oversee all their sites while retaining privacy between the sites.


Choose the cost of charging per kW/h for users. Offset energy used or increase costs for additional revenue.

Test Drive Ready

With Exploren powering your EV charging infrastructure, you can confidently assure that your EVs are always ready for a test drive. Our software ensures that your charging stations operate efficiently, allowing prospective buyers experience the thrill of an electric drive on their visit.

Smart Energy Management

Custom load management applications provided by Exploren cater to the unique energy needs of dealerships. This is especially beneficial for dealerships that have both showrooms and charging stations, ensuring that energy sources are optimally distributed to showcase EVs and power charging points without compromising the overall energy efficiency.

Integrated Charging Operations

Exploren offers a seamless integration of EV charging infrastructure with the overall sales operations of the dealership. This strategic integration transforms the customer experience, enabling seamless access to charging stations during visits for EV purchases or related services. This synergy contributes to a unified and customer-centric dealership environment.

exploren dealership OEM occp ev charging sfotware management

Scale Securely and Efficiently

Grow your charging reporting presence through Exploren software in a scaled manner using consistent systems and little setup admin or preparation required. Exploren will work with all EV charger hardware brands so that you have the flexibility to add charge points from any OCPP- compliant vendor. We’re here to partner with you for the long term.

  • Local Support

  • Operational Management

  • Open Source APIs

  • Australian Hosted and Owned

Load Management Infographics

Exploren in Action

Exploren has worked with dealerships across Australia to take full advantage of their charging network. Watch Exploren in action at the LDV dealership thanks to our partner EVSE. With Exploren, all LDV dealerships nationwide can be viewed from a single dashboard.

Working with world-class partners

Our platform is compatible and easily configurable with charge point stations from 40+ manufacturers

Electrify now

Contact Exploren to find out how to integrate Exploren into your site today. We will guide you through the process and provide support.

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