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Why should you have software for your EV chargers?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EV) charging infrastructure, the need for efficient and scalable solutions has never been more crucial. Exploren, with its cutting-edge software solution, emerges as a game-changer, providing a host of benefits over the traditional, non-software-dependent alternatives. We will delve into the advntages that Exploren possesses compared to a non-software solution and highlight the potential consequences of not adopting this innovative software. 

Automation of Billing: 

Exploren’s software streamlines the billing process seamlessly. Customers can pay using their accounts at the time of the session, with the software automatically transferring the funds to the Exploren account, where they are held for one month, making it a completely automated process. On the contrary, a no-software solution involving manual meters incurs additional costs due to the installation of physical hardware. This not only adds an extra financial burden on customers but also lacks scalability. Without Exploren’s software, the manual process can lead to increased operational costs, potential billing inaccuracies, and a less adaptable system. 

Cost efficiency and accuracy:  

Exploren’s software eliminates the need for manual intervention, saving man-hours and removing the risk of human errors. With the ability to track all information confidently and accurately, the Exploren solution results in cost savings for both the corporate body and residents. On the contrary, the no-software solution requires a monthly check of each meter, which is not only time-consuming but also not a viable long-term option. Without Exploren’s software, the absence of automation may result in increased labour costs, higher chances of billing errors, and a lack of long-term sustainability.  

On-Demand support:
One of Exploren’s standout features is its on-demand support, allowing for remote diagnosis of errors and prompt alerts. This translates to faster support and fixed rates, ensuring a superior user experience for customers. In contrast, a no-software solution lacks the ability to remotely diagnose issues, potentially leading to prolonged downtime and inconvenience for users. Without Exploren’s software, the absence of on-demand support can result in slower issue resolution, increased vehicle downtime, and diminished overall user experience.  

Constant monitoring & tracking:
Exploren provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring and tracking charging sessions, offering detailed insights into times, durations, and more. This real-time data empowers customers to visualise their session history conveniently through the Exploren app on their phones. On the other hand, a no-software solution lacks the capability to provide such visualisations, leaving the body corporate in the dark regarding charger status and usage data. Without Exploren’s software, the inability to monitor and visualise data in real-time may lead to a lack of transparency, reduced control over charging infrastructure, and potentially compromised service quality.  


In the era of smart technology, Exploren stands out as a beacon of innovation in the EV charging industry. The software solution not only enhances efficiency but also offers cost savings, scalability, on-demand support, and detailed monitoring capabilities. As electric vehicle adoption continues to rise, having a reliable and intelligent software solution like Exploren becomes not just an advantage but a necessity for the sustainable future of charging infrastructure. Without it, the consequences may include increased operational costs, billing inaccuracies, slower issue resolution, and a diminished overall user experience, highlighting the critical importance of embracing technology for the future of EV charging.  

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