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Unlock the Full Potential of Your EV Charging Network with OCPP

As electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity, so does the demand for EV charging infrastructure. With more and more charging stations being installed, it is crucial to have a reliable and scalable management system in place to ensure that the network operates efficiently. This is where Exploren as an OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) platform comes into play. 

OCPP is an open-source protocol that enables seamless communication and interoperability between charging stations and central management systems. It provides a standardised way for different charging station manufacturers and management systems to communicate with each other, regardless of the hardware or software being used. There are numerous benefits and implications for a charger that is OCPP-compliant. By adopting an OCPP platform, charging station operators can unlock the full potential of their charging network. 


As an EV charging network grows, OCPP ensures that new charging stations can easily integrate into any existing infrastructure without compatibility issues. This scalability is essential for future-proofing the network and accommodating the increasing demand for EV charging. 

Advanced Functionalities 

OCPP enables advanced functionalities such as:  

  • Smart charging

Operators can implement smart charging strategies to optimise energy usage. For example, charger speeds can be limited to reduce the consumption of electricity during peak hours. 

  • Load management

For chargers installed on backbone infrastructure that cannot support a number of chargers at full speed, load management strategies can be implemented to ensure the electrical system operates within safe working conditions. This capability is particularly valuable for fleet operators, commercial charging networks, and utilities looking to efficiently manage their electrical infrastructure. 

For chargers installed on backbone infrastructure that cannot support a number of chargers at full speed, load management strategies can be implemented to ensure the electrical system operates within safe working conditions.  

  • Remote diagnostics

Online communication over OCPP allows the charger to send diagnostics and charger logs over the cloud, allowing operators full granularity of how their charger is operating and its state at any time, all without physically interacting with the charger on site. 

  • Billing

OCPP allows billing users for electricity consumption, even without a physical credit card unit installed on the charger. This minimises the cost of components in a charger and negates the use of credit card skimmers to steal customer payment information. 

Real-time data monitoring 

Operators can access valuable insights about charging sessions, energy consumption, and station performance. This data-driven approach allows for proactive maintenance, improved user experience, and reliable operation of the EV charging network. Exploren allows data analysis and insight into market statistics regarding EV charging. 

Smart charging and energy sustainability 

OCPP aligns perfectly with sustainability and renewable energy integration goals. OCPP-compliant charging stations can be seamlessly integrated with renewable energy sources and energy management systems, optimising the use of clean energy and better integrating EV charging with the grid.  

To leverage the vast array of features that OCPP offers, it is important to choose charging stations and central management systems that support this protocol. Many industry-leading companies provide OCPP-compliant solutions, offering the flexibility to select the best combination of hardware and software for the charging network. 

In conclusion, OCPP is a game-changer in the world of EV charging infrastructure. The open-source nature, interoperability, scalability, and support for advanced functionalities of the OCPP system is the only choice for unlocking the full potential of an EV charging network. By adaopting the Exploren solution for new or existing charging networks, operators can enjoy seamless communication between a centralised platform and their chargers, smart charging capabilities, remote monitoring, and integration with renewable energy sources. Embracing the power of OCPP will take EV charging networks to the next level of efficiency and sustainability. 

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