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How to Revolutionise EV Charging using Exploren

Optimizing electric vehicle fleets with Exploren OCPP software – 

The Exploren OCPP software represents a powerful asset for optimising electric vehicle (EV) fleets and empowering fleet managers with a wealth of informative data on their fleet and charging behaviour. 

OCPP is an acronym for Open Charge Point Protocol. OCPP software serves as a standardized communication framework. It is a specific and shared language between EV charging stations and charging station management systems (Exploren) that allows information to be freely and seamlessly exchanged. Our Exploren software has been designed to integrate with EV Charging stations and provide real-time monitoring and control of charging sessions, as well as data analysis and reporting. Fleet managers have complete oversight over their vehicles, live charging and historical data to manage efficiently and make more informed, data-driven decisions.  

With Exploren OCPP software, EV fleet managers can monitor and optimize their charging infrastructure in several ways through the extensive suite of functionalities. For example, they can: 

Monitor charging sessions in real-time:  

The real-time monitoring feature of Exploren OCPP software empowers EV fleet managers with a comprehensive view of all ongoing charging sessions. This means they can keep a watchful eye on charging progress, ensuring that vehicles are getting the power they need precisely when required. Moreover, the software sends timely notifications, instantly alerting managers when charging is completed or interrupted. More importantly, alters if one of the chargers goes offline to ensure the issue can be identified and rectified with minimal effect on scheduled charging.  This level of oversight enables precise scheduling and optimization of charging times, ensuring that each vehicle is fully charged and ready for its next assignment 

Analyse charging data:  

One of the key strengths of Exploren OCPP software lies in its data analysis capabilities. Fleet managers can collect and analyse a wealth of information related to EV charging. This includes details on energy consumption, charging durations, and associated costs. By leveraging this data, managers can spot usage trends, identify outliers, and gain valuable insights into the performance of their EV fleet. This analysis provides a solid foundation for optimizing charging infrastructure, reducing operational costs, and enhancing overall efficiency. 

Manage multiple charging stations:  

Efficiency is further amplified through the software’s support for multiple charging stations. Regardless of the size and complexity of the charging network, EV fleet managers can seamlessly oversee all charging stations from a centralized platform. This centralization allows for remote control of charging stations, enabling managers to initiate, halt, or adjust charging sessions as needed. Additionally, the software provides tools for modifying charging rates and managing user access, simplifying the administration of a diverse fleet. 

Integrate with other systems:  

Exploren OCPP software’s flexibility extends to integration with other critical fleet management systems. This includes vehicle tracking, maintenance scheduling, and service management. The software serves as the vital tool that connects and streamlines these functions. For instance, integrating with vehicle tracking systems enables real-time tracking of EVs, ensuring efficient deployment and route optimization. Maintenance and scheduling integration ensures that EVs are serviced promptly and effectively. This holistic approach delivers a comprehensive solution for managing every aspect of an EV fleet, from charging to operational logistics 

In summary, Exploren OCPP software is an excellent tool for optimizing fleets. It provides real-time monitoring and control of charging sessions, data analysis and reporting, and integration with other fleet management systems. This can help fleet managers reduce costs, improve efficiency, and ensure that their EVs are always charged and ready to go. 

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